HELGI TOMASSON, Artistic Director & Principal Choreographer

GLENN McCOY, Executive Director


Ricardo Bustamante, Christopher Stowell, Ballet Masters and Assistants to the Artistic Director
Felipe Diaz, Betsy Erickson, Anita Paciotti, Katita Waldo, Ballet Masters
Yuri Possokhov, Choreographer in Residence
Caroline Giese, Artistic Administrator
Alan Takata-Villareal, Logistics Manager
Abby Masters, Assistant to the Artistic Staff


Debra Bernard, General Manager
Lauren Chadwick, Company Manager
Juliette LeBlanc, Production Analyst


Christopher Dennis, Production Director
Chad Owens, Technical Coordinator
Kevin Connaughton, Lighting Supervisor
Jane Green, Stage Manager
Jessica Barker, Assistant Stage Manager
Nixon Bracisco, Master Carpenter
Kelly Corter Kelly, Master Electrician
Kenneth M. Ryan, Master of Properties
Kevin Kirby, Audio Engineer
John O'Donnell, Flyman
George Elvin, Wardrobe Manager
Andrea Pelous, Head of Women's Wardrobe
Frank Morales, Acting Costume Production Coordinator
Richard Battle, Make-Up and Wig Supervisor
Melanie Birch, Wig and Hair Stylist
Sherri LeBlanc, Company Shoe Administrator


Martin West, Music Director and Principal Conductor
Michael McGraw, Nina Pinzarrone, Natal'ya Feygina, Company Pianists
Roy Malan, Concertmaster
Tracy Davis, Orchestra Personnel Manager and Music Administrator
Matthew Naughtin, Music Librarian


Cecelia Beam, Human Resources Manager
Laura Simpson, Board Relations Manager
Maja Valusek, Human Resources and Benefits Coordinator
Bonnie Fisk, Assistant to Senior Executive Staff


Thomas W. Flynn, Director of Development
Jennifer Mewha, Associate Director of Development
Fermin Nasol, Principal Gifts Officer
Sarah Malashock, Christensen Society and Membership Manager
Julia Nottebohm, Special Events Manager
Elizabeth Lani, Planned Giving Manager
Jim Sohm, Research Manager
Pamela Sullivan, Major Gifts Officer
Jill Lounibos, Grants Officer
Amy Crowson, Corporate Giving Officer
Jasmine Yep, Christensen Society Officer
Ruben Fonseca, Research and Stewardship Associate
Ingrid Roman, Special Events Associate
Jonathan Levin, Development Database Coordinator
Nicole Lugtu, Major Gifts Assistant
Sarah Horowitz, Individual Gifts Assistant
Lynn Noonan, Principal Gifts Consultant

Marketing & Communications

Mary Beth Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications
Philip Mayard, Associate Director, Advertising and Publications
Betsy Lindsey, Associate Director, Ticket and Patron Services
Kyra Jablonsky, Associate Director, Communications
Valerie Megas, Senior Manager, Retail Operations
Mary Goto, Senior Manager, Marketing and Sales
Thomas Weitz, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
April Johnston, Marketing and Promotions Manager
Andrew Delaney, Web and Digital Platforms Manager
Robert Hold, Graphic Designer
Nannette Mickle, Group Sales Representative
Lauren White, Communications Associate
James Hosking, Video Producer/Editor
Erik Almlie, Media Asset Administrator
Olivia Ramsay, Social Media Producer
Deidre Kirk, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Ticket Services

Jennifer Peterian, Box Office Manager/Treasurer
Mark Holleman, Sales and Service Supervisor
Elena Ratto, Patron Services Specialist
David Clark, Assistant Treasurer
Edith Bryson, Michelle Hughes, Jericho Lindsey, Jason Narin, Patricia Pearson, Nick Valasco, Ticket Services Associates


Kim Ondreck Carim, Chief Financial Officer
Natalie Quan, Controller
Valerie Ruban, Accounting Supervisor
Julianne Perry, Senior Accountant
Victoria Wilkins, Payroll Coordinator
Stephanie Golden, Staff Accountant II
Casey Trujillo, Staff Accountant I


Nathan Brito, Facilities Supervisor
Adrian Rodriguez, Facilities Coordinator
Todd Martin, Facilities Assistant
Katharine Chambers, Nicole Drysdale, Receptionists
Stanley Wong, Evening Facilities Assistant
Tamara de la Cruz, Weekend Receptionist
Ralph Baysac, Weekend Facilities Assistant

Information Technology

Murray Bognovitz, Director of Information Technology
Esther del Rosario, IT Operations and Project Manager
Karen Irvin, Application Administrator and Help Desk Coordinator
Josh Marshall, Web Administrator
Jiapeng Jiang, IT Specialist

SF Ballet School

Helgi Tomasson, Director
Patrick Armand, Associate Director


Patrick Armand
Damara Bennett
Kristi DeCaminada
Yuko Katsumi
Tina LeBlanc
Jeffrey Lyons
Rubén Martín Cintas, Lee R. Crews Endowed Faculty
Parrish Maynard
Pollyana Ribeiro
Sofiane Sylve, Principal Guest Faculty
Joanna Berman, Guest Faculty
Pascal Molat, Guest Faculty
Brian Fisher, Contemporary Dance
Leonid Shagalov, Character Dance
Henry Berg, Conditioning
Jamie Narushchen, Music
Daniel Sullivan, Music

2014-15 Visiting Guest Instructors

Jacqueline Barrett
Yannick Boquin
Monique Loudieres


Ella Belilovskaya
Ritsuko Micky Kubo
Jamie Narushchen
Daniel Sullivan
Galina Umanskaya
Billy Wolfe
Emily Adams, Olga Blednova, Julia Ganina, Lucy Hudson, Eleanora Shevkhod, Sky Tan
Jamie Narushchen, School Pianist Supervisor, Lee R. Crews Endowed Pianist

School Administration

Andrea Yannone, Administrative Manager
Christina Gray Rutter, Student Services Coordinator and Registrar
Katelyn Harris, Administrative Coordinator
Wendy Van Dyck, Trainee Program Coordinator
Elizabeth Roddy, Administrative Assistant
Tai Vogel, Interim Administrative Assistant
Rob Chaitin, Residence Manager
Erin Kelly, Residence Assistant
Lauren Hamilton, Residence Desk Staff

Center For Dance Education

Andrea Yannone, Interim Director of Education
Dina D. Toy, Education Office Manager
Cecelia Beam, Adult Education Coordinator

Company Physicians

Richard Gibbs, M.D., Medical Supervisor
Rowan Paul, M.D, Primary Care Sports Medicine
Peter Callander, M.D., Keith Donatto, M.D., Supervising Orthopedists
Frederic Bost, M.D., Jon Dickinson, M.D., Orthopedic Advisors to the Company
Michael Leslie, Company Physical Therapist
Karl Schmetz, Consulting Physical Therapist
Active Care, Lisa Giannone, Director, Physical Therapists/Athletic Training
Leonard Stein, D.C., Chiropractic Care
Henry Berg, Rehabilitation Class Instructor
Michelle Zimmerman, Wellness Program Manager