Our Mission

San Francisco Ballet’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) mission is to: provide individuals an opportunity to achieve their full potential; enhance and strengthen our art form; and solidify our reputation as a preeminent arts organization, embodying innovation, excellence, and inclusion. We strive to share our joy of dance, while fostering a welcoming environment—both internally and externally—that celebrates and embraces many forms of diversity.


The San Francisco Ballet Board of Trustees is committed to actively promoting Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access throughout the San Francisco Ballet organization, to ensure that we are truly welcoming to all.

Our Board invites and promotes the inclusion of different perspectives, which in turn improves oversight and demonstrates our determination to foster a culture free of conscious and unconscious bias, from the boardroom to the stage. In service of this commitment, we embrace and respect those of varying socio-economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds, all of whom bring value and vibrancy to the workplace and to our company.

We believe that dance has the capacity to inspire people of all backgrounds and bring joy to their lives. The future of ballet depends on its ability to be inclusive, and to attract new and more diverse audiences.

We pledge to amplify the voices that reflect the diversity of our local and global communities, and to make sustainable change the legacy of our leadership.

2022 DIVERSITY report

At San Francisco Ballet our vision is to have Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) at the heart of our culture. We strive to be an organization where people from all backgrounds can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. We strive to be a organization that reflects San Francisco, the community we call home. We strive to be innovative leaders in the ballet industry who push for diversity, equity, and accountability on the stage, in the studio, and behind the scenes. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we are releasing our first Annual Diversity and Equity Report. Our data tells an important piece of our diversity story, and is paired with our Plan for Change outlining the work we are doing to make sure all of our employees have a strong sense of belonging and trust. This is an important opportunity to make influential and lasting change for our organization and our artform. You can view our report here.


This snapshot outlines what has been done to improve diversity and equity at San Francisco Ballet through December 2021, what we must do between now and Summer 2022, to complete an accurate Annual Diversity and Equity Report, and why this process is so critical for San Francisco Ballet.

Going forward, we will publish the Annual Diversity and Equity Report at the end of each fiscal year (June 30). San Francisco Ballet is committed to being transparent in the work we are doing to address systemic issues of injustice within our own organization and artform. It is our greatest hope that you join us in these efforts as accomplices and accountability partners. You can view our 2021 Diversity and Equity Snapshot here.

Learning Library (for staff use use only)

Welcome to San Francisco Ballet’s Learning Library! This is a repository of IDEA information and recorded events. The information contained within this library has been curated to support all employees and Board members in growing anti-racist behaviors and developing skills that will aid in SF Ballet becoming a more inclusive and welcoming company. We encourage you to explore all the categories- not just the one that applies to you.



San Francisco Ballet stands in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community in the fight against racism and pursuit of unity. The AAPI community has been targets in a growing number of racially motivated attacks since the pandemic. During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May 2021, we created a series of video messages from across our organization, including members of the San Francisco Ballet Association Board of Trustees, dancers from the Company, members of the SFB Orchestra, and staff.


Listen to a conversation with members of the San Francisco Ballet Association Board of Trustees Christine Leong Connors, Hiro Iwanaga, Yasunobu Kyogoku, Yurie Pascarella, and Timothy C. Wu. Join us in our stand against hate and racism.


Dancers from the Company created this choreographic statement, advocating for a stop on hate. #StopAsianHate #ArtAndActivism #HonorAllOurElders

"Don't Hate, Create!" by Musicians of SF Ballet Orchestra

Musicians of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra say “Don’t Hate, Create!” in this fervent performance of the first movement of Mendelssohn's E-Flat Major String Octet during AAPI Heritage Month. Join us in our stand against hate and racism. Performance by Heeguen Song, Beni Shinohara, Minsun Choi, Laura Keller, violin; Yi Zhou, Caroline Lee, viola; Jonah Kim, Thalia Moore, cello; and Shinji Eshima, bass.

One Voice Collage Video

A message from SF Ballet staff.