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Our Social Stories and School-Time Performance Study Guides are designed as resources for classroom teachers, K-12 students, families, and other audiences to learn about and explore the world of ballet, dance, and creativity. San Francisco Ballet education resource guides provide audiences with an opportunity to introduce, investigate, make connections, analyze, and reflect on dance and SF Ballet performances.

SF Ballet Study Guides are designed to support creative learning through the arts in the classroom. These Guides include pre-performance worksheets, post-performance writing activities, and materials for guided discussions that enable and challenge students to think critically about the performance and the artistic process. We encourage educators to adapt the activities to specific grade levels to help students explore movement and dance, learn about ballet, and discover what happens behind the curtain. Discover how enjoying a ballet performance can also include experiences in perceiving, responding, viewing, and thinking critically about dance.

SOCIAL STORIES for sensory friendly programs

Nutcracker Sensory Friendly Pre-Performance Social Story (PDF)

Nutcracker Sensory Friendly Performances Visual Checklist (PDF)

Sensory Friendly Dance-Along Workshops Social Story (PDF) - COMING SOON

SCHOOL-TIME PERFORMANCES Study Guides - Coming soon


Additional Resources for Families​

Taking Kids to the Ballet
SF Ballet Classroom – Dance-Along Videos & Activity Sheets

San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker Craft Tables // © Chris Hardy
San Francisco Ballet Student Matinee audience // © Chris Hardy
Scenes from a student matinee performance // © Chris Hardy
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For more information about our education programs and resources, please contact:

Jasmine Yep Huynh
Associate Director, Education