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Program 01
January 23 - February 4
Program 01:
The Sleeping Beauty

Program 02
February 13 - 24
Program 02:
Bright Fast Cool Blue

The Chairman Dances
Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes

Program 03
February 15 - 25
Program 03:
Distinctly SF Ballet

On a Theme of Paganini
Ibsen's House
Ghost in the Machine

Program 04
March 6 - 11
Program 04:

Program 05
March 20 - 25
Program 05:
Robbins: Ballet & Broadway

Opus 19/The Dreamer
The Cage
Other Dances
Fancy Free

Program 06
April 3 - 8
Program 06:
The National Ballet of Canada: Nijinsky

Program 07
April 20 - May 6
Program 07:
Unbound (A)

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
Alonzo King World Premiere

Program 08
April 21 - May 4
Program 08:
Unbound (B)

Myles Thatcher World Premiere
Anima Animus

Program 07
April 24 - May 5
Program 07:
Unbound (C)

Stanton Welch World Premiere
Your Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem

Program 08
April 26 - May 5
Program 08:
Unbound (D)

The Infinite Ocean
Dwight Rhoden World Premiere
Arthur Pita World Premiere


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