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Program 01
January 24 - February 4
Program 01:
The Joy of Dance

Haffner Symphony
Fragile Vessels (World Premiere)
In the Countenance of Kings

Program 02
January 26 - February 5
Program 02:
Modern Masters

Seven Sonatas
Optimistic Tragedy (World Premiere)
Pas/Parts 2016

Program 03
February 17 - 26
Program 03:



Program 04
March 7 - 18
Program 04:
Must-See Balanchine

Stravinsky Violin Concerto
Prodigal Son

Program 05
March 9 - 19
Program 05:
Contemporary Voices

Salome (World Premiere)
Fearful Symmetries

Program 06
March 31 - April 12
Program 06:
Swan Lake



Program 07
April 5 - 18
Program 07:
Made for SF Ballet

Ghost in the Machine (World Premiere)
Within the Golden Hour©

Program 08
April 28 - May 7
Program 08:




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