2019 National Audition Tour

For students age 12–18 with intermediate, advanced, or pre-professional experience.


Admission to SF Ballet School’s Summer Session Program 1 and 2 is by audition only. Students will audition in a group based on age, then accepted students will be placed in either Program 1 or 2 based on their technical ability.


Students must audition with the appropriate age group based on their age as of June 2019.

Ages 14–18 may audition in any city on the National Audition Tour. Students who live more than 250 miles from an audition city may audition by video.

Ages 12–13 may audition in San Francisco only. Students who live 250 miles or more away from San Francisco may audition by video.


Early Registration: Students may register online for the audition location of their choice beginning December 3, 2018. To complete your registration, you will need to upload a photo and proof of age (see details below) and pay the $50 audition fee. Please print your confirmation page and bring it with you to the audition as proof of your early registration. Students who complete the early registration online will receive their audition result by email in advance of the day-of registrants, approximately one week following the audition.

Day-of Registration: Students who do not register online may register in person on the day of the audition. Students must bring a photo and proof of age (see details below) and a $50 audition fee (cash only, no checks or credit cards will be accepted). Students will receive their audition result by email two weeks following the audition


Photo: A photo is used to confirm the student's identity during the audition and to recall a student after the audition has ended. Please submit a current photo that clearly shows the student from the shoulders up. Long hair should be pulled back away from the face. If registering online, please do not submit a scan of a passport photo page; please ensure the photo is of high enough resolution to be identifiable. If registering in person, please submit a small photo, either passport-or wallet-sized no larger than 2" x 3". Only headshot or portrait style photos will be accepted.

Proof of Age: All students must provide proof of their date of birth. If registering online, please upload a scan of a birth certificate or passport photo page. Please ensure the scan is high resolution. If registering in person, please bring either an original or a photocopy of your birth certificate, state ID, or passport. 

Audition Fee: If registering online, the audition fee is $50 and must be paid by credit card. If registering in person on the day of the audition, the audition fee is $50, cash only. Checks and credit cards will not be accepted on site. 


The audition will run just like a ballet class, starting at the barre with exercises from plies to grand battements. Then everyone moves to the center for a variety of combinations from adage to grand allegro. Work your hardest and show that you are listening to and applying the teacher's instructions and corrections.

Ladies, please wear pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and any solid colored leotard. Students 16-18 should expect to wear pointe shoes for the entirety of the class. Students ages 14-15 please bring your pointe shoes with you as you may be asked to put them on at the end of class. Students ages 12-13 will not be asked to wear their pointe shoes for the audition, however, they will be expected to have completed at least one semester of pointe work in order to attend the Summer Session.

Gentlemen, please wear black or white, shoes, tights, and fitted shirt.

Please remove all warm-ups before the class begins.


Online registration will open on December 3, 2018





Boca Raton, FL

Monday, January 21

Girls & Boys 14–15 6:30 PM
Girls & Boys 16–18 8:00 PM

The Harid Conservatory

Ages 14–18

Boston, MA

Sunday, January 20

Girls & Boys 16–18 11:00 AM
Girls & Boys 14–15 12:30 PM

Boston Ballet

Ages 14–18

Charlotte, NC

Sunday, January 20

Girls & Boys 16–18 1:00 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15 2:30 PM

Charlotte Ballet

Ages 14–18

Chicago, IL

Friday, January 4

Girls & Boys 16–18 4:00 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15 6:00 PM

The Joffrey Ballet

Ages 14–18

Irvine, CA

Sunday, January 13

Girls & Boys 16–18 2:00 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 1 3:30 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 2 4:45 PM

Maple Conservatory of Dance

Ages 14–18

New York, NY

Monday, January 21

All Boys 1:00 PM
Girls 16–18 2:30 PM
Girls 14–15, group 1 4:30 PM
Girls 14–15, group 2 5:45 PM

School of American Ballet

Ages 14–18

San Francisco, CA*

Sunday, January 6

Girls & Boys 16–18 12:00 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 1 1:30 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 2 3:00 PM
Girls & Boys 12–13 4:30 PM

San Francisco Ballet 

Ages 12–18

San Francisco, CA*

Saturday, February 2

Girls & Boys 16–18 1:00 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15 2:30 PM
Girls & Boys 12–13, Group 1 4:00 PM
Girls & Boys 12–13, Group 2 5:30 PM

San Francisco Ballet 

Ages 12–18

Santa Monica, CA

Saturday, January 12

Girls & Boys 16–18 3:00 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 1 4:30 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 2 5:45 PM

Westside School of Ballet

Ages 14–18

Seattle, WA

Sunday, January 6

Girls & Boys 16–18 2:00 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 1 3:30 PM
Girls & Boys 14–15, Group 2 4:45 PM

Pacific Northwest Ballet 

Ages 14–18

Washington, DC

Friday, January 18

Girls & Boys 14–15 6:30 PM
Girls & Boys 16–18 8:00 PM

The Washington Ballet

Ages 14–18


Video Auditions

Although it is preferable for students to attend a live audition on the National Audition Tour, students may submit an online video audition if they live more than 250 miles away from an audition site. Please note, SF Ballet School will only accept electronic online submissions through the video application website, SlideRoom, and will not review DVDs or videotapes that are sent to the School.

The 2019 Video audition fee is $100 and is payable by credit card through SlideRoom.

Please see the Online Video Audition Guidelines for more information on how to prepare your video audition.

Video Auditions

Video auditions will be accepted starting in January 2019

Videos Accepted

Jan 7–Feb 2

Who May Apply

Ages 12–18 who live
more than 250 miles from
an audition city for
their age group

Technical Issues?
For technical assistance with the SlideRoom website, please contact SlideRoom directly: support@slideroom.com 


Online Video Applicants will be notified on a rolling basis and no later than the end of February.

Students who are accepted to the 2019 summer session will be notified of their program placement (either Program 1 or Program 2) in the audition result letter. Those students who have been awarded a merit-based tuition scholarship will also be notified of this in their result letter.  

Summer Session: Program 1

This three week program will provide intermediate students the opportunity to improve skills and gain strength and is designed to give them a deeper understanding of ballet as an art form. The curriculum includes technique, pointe, batterie, and pas de deux classes. Additional classes may include repertoire, character dance, pantomime, and conditioning.

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Summer Session: Program 2

This four-week program dedicated to advanced/pre-professional students is designed to explore the demands of a professional career, exposing them to the unique repertory of San Francisco Ballet. The curriculum includes technique, pointe, pas de deux, batterie, and repertoire, and may include additional classes such as contemporary dance, acting, and conditioning (minimum of 15 classes weekly).

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If you have a question about a particular program or the School please don't hesitate to contact us.

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