Ballet School Auditions

We hold auditions for young dancers and pre-professionals on an ongoing basis.

2019 Summer Session

Ages 12–18

Auditions take place in January 2019

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2019–20 School Year

Ages 15–18

Auditions take place in January 2019

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2019–20 School Year

Ages 8–11

The next audition for children ages 8–11 will take place in Spring 2019.
Students ages 12–14 must audition for Summer Session to be considered for the School Year.


Students ages 15–18

Are you ready to take charge of your future? Is San Francisco Ballet School your top choice for year-round training? Now highly qualified candidates ages 15–18 can apply early for our School-Year Program—and receive audition results in early spring. This new acceptance schedule is designed to give families more time to plan and prepare for the school year ahead.

NEW Early-Admission Timeline

  1. Now: Apply online for pre-selection 
    Selected students will be invited to attend a live audition.

  2. In February: Top students will be invited to visit San Francisco Ballet School to take classes and meet faculty.

  3. In March: Receive confirmation of your acceptance and enroll.

  4. Spring and summer: Plan for the school year and enjoy the fact that you’ve taken charge or your future!

Pre-selected students will be invited to attend a live audition site of their choice.

  • Chicago, IL
    • Audition date: Friday, January 4
    • Apply by: December 30
  • Irvine, CA
    • Audition date: Sunday, January 13
    • Apply by December 30
  • London, UK
    • Audition date: Monday, February 11
    • Apply by January 20
  • San Francisco, CA
    • Audition date: Sunday, January 6
    • Apply by December 30
  • San Francisco, CA
    • Audition date: Saturday, February 23
    • Apply by February 11

who is sf ballet school looking for?

School Director Patrick Armand is looking for students who are passionate for the art form and motivated to pursue intense training towards a career in classical ballet.

  • The ideal applicant is an advanced-level student with clean classical technique who is passionate about the art form and seeking rigorous training to prepare for a career in ballet.
  • We seek students who have thoroughly researched ballet schools and know that SF Ballet School is their first choice for first-rate training.



There is no fee for this audition.

pRE-SELECTION video guidelines

Video Audition Guidelines:


If you'd like to learn more about SF Ballet School please don't hesitate to contact us.

415 865 6700

Pre-Ballet: For Children 4—7 Years Old

Do you know a young child who might be interested in taking ballet classes? We offer Pre-Ballet classes designed to introduce children to the joy of dance, starting as early as four years old.

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