Ballet School Auditions

We hold auditions for young dancers and pre-professionals on an ongoing basis.

Children 8–18

Who we are looking for

Young dancers with the physical attributes that indicate potential as a future dancer: a straight and supple spine, legs that are well turned out from the hip joints, and correctly arched feet. Ideally, your child should have an ear for music and an instinct for movement. Students invited to enroll in the school year program are accepted on a trial basis.

To be eligible students must be 8–18 by September 10, 2018

What to Wear

Girls should wear a leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. Please wear your hair in a bun. Boys should wear a t-shirt, tights, and ballet slippers. If you do not have ballet clothing, girls, please wear a one-piece swimsuit and socks, boys, please wear a form-fitting t-shirt, shorts, and socks.

What to Bring

Along with the appropriate clothing, please bring proof of the applicant’s age. This could include a photocopy of a birth certificate, a state-issued ID, or passport. Please bring a passport or wallet-sized photo (a school picture will do).

Audition Fee

There is no fee for this audition.


The audition dates listed below are for Bay Area residents or those already planning to move to the Bay Area by September 2018. Students from outside of the Bay Area who are interested in auditioning should contact us prior to their audition at 415 865 6700.


New! 2019–20 School Year Auditions 

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Children 12-18

Intermediate and advanced level students ages 12 to 18 seeking admission to the School should audition for and attend one of our Summer Session programs. Students attending a Summer Session who display exceptional potential may be invited to attend the school-year program. Summer Session auditions are held nationally in January and February. Student acceptance is based on availability of space in the program.

Summer Session, Program 1: Intermediate Students
Summer Session, Program 2: Advanced/Pre-Professional Students


If you'd like to learn more about SF Ballet School please don't hesitate to contact us.

415 865 6700

Pre-Ballet: For Children 4—7 Years Old

Do you know a young child who might be interested in taking ballet classes? We offer Pre-Ballet classes designed to introduce children to the joy of dance, starting as early as four years old.

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