San Francisco Ballet School students performing during the 2016 student showcase. (© Chris Hardy)





2023–24 School Year

*2024–25 School Year Housing & Tuition will be posted in January

Registration Fee: $250

The non-refundable registration fee holds a student's spot for enrollment in the School Year.

Level 1: $4,285
Level 2: $5,145
Level 3: $5,780
Level 4: $6,970
Level 5: $7,840
Level 6: $8,880
Level 7: $9,840
Level 8: $9,950

The School Year tuition is an annual fee for School Year enrollment.

Wellness Fee:
Level 4 & 5: $250
Level 6–8 & Trainee: $500

The wellness fee is paid by all Level 4–8 students and Trainees and helps offset expenses related to wellness/student life programming and equipment and physical therapy screenings.

Housing Registration Fee: $500

The non-refundable housing registration fee holds a student's spot in housing for the School Year.

Housing Fee:
Level 6: $19,900
Levels 7 & 8: $18,745

The housing fee is the annual fee for housing at Bowes Center during the School Year program.

Housing Deposit: $500

The housing deposit is a refundable fee charged on an annual basis for all students enrolled in housing. The fee is refunded upon successful move-out with no charges due to damages, cleaning, or belongings left behind.

Meal Plan: $3,500–$8,000 per year

The meal plan generally covers 1–2 meals per day and the rate charged is based on seniority. First-year students are enrolled in the highest meal plan, and this reduces after their first year. Students may opt to enroll in a higher meal plan. There is no option to opt out of the meal plan.

International Student Fee: $75

The International Student Fee is charged to any student who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to help offset the additional costs associated with enrolling international students.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Payment Plans

To ensure ballet training is within reach of all students regardless of their financial circumstances, San Francisco Ballet School provides support for those who show talent, a passion for ballet, and a commitment to their art.


Based on their potential to achieve a professional career in ballet, SF Ballet School offers a limited number of scholarships to intermediate and advanced-level students. Scholarships are awarded at the time of invitation to the program. Scholarships are awarded for either one school year or for a summer program session.

Financial Aid

Financial aid award is based on a demonstrated financial need for students. The amount of financial aid available in a given year is dependent upon contributions by SF Ballet donors and careful consideration is given to all requests for assistance. Families may apply once their student has received their invitation for the school year or summer program. Registration fees are not covered by financial aid. Financial aid is awarded for a limited period of time—either one summer session or one regular school year and the following summer session. Families must reapply each year to be considered.

Families may apply for financial aid by using the FACTS Grant & Aid, an online tool specifically tailored to evaluate the financial need for SF Ballet School.

2023–24 School Year Financial Aid Application Deadlines:

  • Current families: May 1, 2023
  • New families will receive information upon acceptance

Apply for Financial Aid

Please note that when you are completing this application, Applicant, and Co-Applicant refer to persons who are responsible for tuition.