a commitment to san francisco

Since 1979, San Francisco Ballet School has partnered with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) to provide Dance in Schools and Communities (DISC) dance residencies to SFUSD elementary schools. Every year, approximately 100 elementary school students selected from the DISC 2nd and 3rd grade dance residencies are invited to participate in one year of ballet classes at SF Ballet School on full scholarship. This is a completely free program for invited students and includes two ballet classes per week for one school year. Dance attire and performance tickets for the student and their family to attend SF Ballet's performances at the Opera House are also provided.

Each year, a number of students from the Community Scholarship Program (CSP) are invited to continue ballet training in SF Ballet School on full scholarship, and former CSP students can be found in all levels of the school.

Ballet is a wonderful art form in which students gain discipline, self-control, physical conditioning, strength, and agility. It also improves focus and attention. Many students report that cross-training in dance enhances their physical achievement in sports and other activities.

"SF Ballet School was my second home. It's where I learned I wanted to become a ballet dancer."

–Sean Bennett
SF Ballet dancer and CSP Alumni