Shakespeare’s tragic tale of star-crossed lovers comes to life with passionate dancing, spine-tingling swordsmanship, and stunning scenery and costume designs evoking Renaissance Italy. An emotional and poignant tale of young love and loss set to the celebrated Prokofiev score, Helgi Tomasson’s Romeo & Juliet is one of SF Ballet’s greatest showpieces.

*Note: Romeo & Juliet will be an archival capture.


Please Note: This ballet contains scenes depicting violence and suicide.

May 6 – May 26, 2021

Composer: Sergei Prokofiev
Choreographer: Helgi Tomasson

Streaming access available beginning 6 pm on May 6.

Programming subject to change.

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Romeo & Juliet Casting

Composer: Sergei Prokofiev
Choreographer: Helgi Tomasson
Conductor: Martin West

Juliet: Maria Kochetkova
Romeo: Davit Karapetyan
Mercutio: Pascal Molat
Benvolio: Joseph Walsh
Tybalt: Luke Ingham
Lord Capulet: Ricardo Bustamante
Lady Capulet: Sofiane Sylve
Nurse: Anita Paciotti
Paris: Myles Thatcher
Rosaline: WanTing Zhao
Lord Montague: Rubén Martín Cintas
Lady Montague: Lacey Escabar
Friar Lawrence: Jim Sohm
Prince of Verona: Martino Pistone

Music Director and Principal Conductor

Martin West

Violin I

Cordula Merks, Guest Concertmaster
Janice McIntosh, Associate Concertmaster
Beni Shinohara, Assistant Concertmaster
Heidi Wilcox
Mia Kim
Robin Hansen
Brian Lee
Mariya Borozina
Lev Rankov*
Carla Picchi*
Barbara Riccardi*
Karen Shinozaki*
Jennifer Cho*

Violin II

Marianne Wagner, Principal
Craig Reiss, Associate Principal
Jeanelle Meyer, Assistant Principal
Patricia Van Winkle
Clifton Foster
Elbert Tsai
Wenyi Shih*
Katherine Button*
Julie Kim*
Sara Usher*


Ann Kruger, Acting Principal
Joy Fellows, Acting Associate Principal
Caroline Lee, Acting Assistant Principal
Elizabeth Prior*
Paul Ehrlich
Katherine Johnk*
Natalia Vershilova*


Eric Sung, Principal
Jonah Kim, Associate Principal
Victor Fierro, Assistant Principal
Thalia Moore
Nora Pirquet
Ruth Lane*


Steve D’Amico, Principal
Shinji Eshima, Associate Principal
Jonathan Lancelle, Assistant Principal
Mark Drury
Joseph Lescher*


Barbara Chaffe, Principal
Julie McKenzie
Patricia Farrell*


Julie McKenzie


Laura Griffiths, Principal
Marilyn Coyne
James Moore III*

English Horn

Marilyn Coyne


Natalie Parker, Principal
Anthony Striplen*
Ginger Kroft* 

Bass Clarinet

Anthony Striplen*

E-flat Clarinet

Ginger Kroft*

Tenor Saxophone

David Henderson*


Rufus Olivier, Principal
Patrick Johnson-Whitty
Shawn Jones*


Patrick Johnson-Whitty


Kevin Rivard, Principal
Keith Green
Brian McCarty, Associate Principal
William Klingelhoffer
Lawrence Ragent*
Eric Achen*


Adam Luftman, Principal/Cornet
Ralph Wagner
John Pearson*
David Burkhart*


Jeffrey Budin, Principal
Hall Goff

Bass Trombone

Scott Thornton, Principal


Peter Wahrhaftig, Principal


James Gott, Principal


David Rosenthal, Principal
Todd Manley*
Peter Thielen*
Tyler Mack*


Annabelle Taubl, Principal
Sarah Voynow*


Mungunchimeg Buriad, Principal*


Craig Reiss, Principal
Howard Kadis*

Orchestra Personnel Manager and Music Administrator

Tracy Davis

Music Librarian

Matthew Naughtin


**Season Substitute
*Extra player
*Denotes role debut in current production
‡Denotes role debut at San Francisco Ballet
†Denotes debut in current production
◊Denotes a dancer who is no longer part of the Company

Scenery and Costume Design: Jens-Jacob Worsaae
Lighting Design: Thomas R. Skelton
Fight Scene Choreography: Martino Pistone in collaboration with Helgi Tomasson
Rehearsal Assistants: Anita Paciotti, Betsy Erickson, Ricardo Bustamante, Felipe Diaz, Christopher Stowell

World Premiere: March 8, 1994—San Francisco Ballet, War Memorial Opera House; San Francisco, California

The 1994 world premiere of Romeo & Juliet was made possible by the E. L. Wiegand Foundation. Additional support was provided by Lucy and Fritz Jewett, Chris and Warren Hellman, Mr. Rudolph W. Driscoll, The Bernard Osher Foundation, Franklin Templeton Group, and Deloitte.

Lincoln Center at the Movies: Great American Dance is made possible by Founding Partners Jody and John Arnhold and the Howard Gilman Foundation.

Additional support is provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Nora and James Orphanides, Prphanides & Associates, LLC., Stuart Coleman, and the Blavatnik Family Foundation Fund for Dance.

Music: Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64 used by arrangement with G. Schirmer, Inc., publisher and copyright owner. Fight Director, Martino Pistone; Assistant to the Fight Director, Dexter Fidler. Costume Supervisor, Anna Watkins, London, England; Fabric printing and dyeing, Mathilde Sandberg; Costume construction, Edith and Henrietta Webb, Sue Smith, Barbara Jane, Margaret Lamb, Fran Bristow, Nigel West, Ba Higgins, Jane Johnson, Lal d’Abo; Jewelry and Headdresses, Jean Gates; Hats, Mark Wheeler; Masks, Naomi Jefferies; Embroidery, Camée Broderie; Beading, James Hunting and Karen Spurgin. Additional costumes constructed by San Francisco Opera Costume Shop. Boots by Pluma, Inc. Scenic construction and painting by San Francisco Ballet Carpentry and Scenic Departments at the San Francisco Opera Scenic Studios.