Audition Tips for Success

Auditioning for a ballet company can make even some of the most seasoned dancers nervous, so we asked SF Ballet School’s Associate Director Patrick Armand for his top five audition tips, see below. Good luck!

1. Stay relaxed.
We know it’s hard, but you’ll perform at your best ability if you’re calm and collected. Breathe!

2. Wear something you feel good in—but keep it simple and clean.
That means no accessories and keep patterns and logo wear to a minimum. You don’t want a big necklace or wild print to distract from your dancing. Also, choose dance wear that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

3. Give yourself a good warm-up before the audition class.
By taking just a little time to prepare, you’ll ensure that stiffness and cramping doesn’t get in the way of your audition.

4. Be ready mentally and physically.
And while we’re talking about preparation, get into your zone, whatever that is. If you need music to steady your nerves, bring your ipod. If you need moral support, bring a friend or family member–whatever makes you feel ready and focused.

5. Have fun and enjoy the class!
Dance is a joy—so don’t let your nerves stop you from just enjoying the experience!

SF Ballet School students in class. (© Erik Tomasson)