Artists' Reserve Fund

With help from the Artists’ Reserve Fund, San Francisco Ballet dancers are able to pursue career transition goals while maintaining a full rehearsal and performance schedule. The Fund honors this commitment and determination to planning, and believes that dancers at all stages of their career are enriched by intellectual study and more confident in facing their future off stage. Last year, over 30 SF Ballet dancers received financial grants from the Artists’ Reserve Fund.

artists' reserve fund
Artists’ Reserve Fund (ARF) Company representatives and SF Ballet dancers Courtney Elizabeth and Elana Altman, board member Jola Anderson, and Principal Dancer Damian Smith, an ARF recipient.

Many dancers take advantage of the Liberal Education for Arts Professionals program which makes it possible for them to receive a liberal arts education and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Mary’s College. Courses are offered at convenient times and locations and the program’s flexibility encourages dancers to pursue individual interests and explore different disciplines.

Currently, the Artists’ Reserve Fund is supported in three ways: Each season, dancers contribute the salary of one performance on the War Memorial Opera House stage; the Ballet then matches the dancers’ contributions; and a small number of contributions come from SF Ballet patrons. These are all added to a percentage of the existing invested Fund to create a pool of money to be distributed in that year.

SF Ballet needs your help to further build this fund and provide as many dancers as possible with help in preparing for their futures.

Or send your check to:

The Artists’ Reserve Fund
San Francisco Ballet
Chris Hellman Center for Dance,
455 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Please note that donations to the Artist Reserve Fund are fully tax-deductible. However, donations do not count toward membership in the Friends of SF Ballet or the Christensen Society.

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