Who’s Who in Don Quixote

Who’s Who in Don Quixote

Meet the Knights, Lovers, and Toreadors of Ballets Most Stylish Rom-Com

With sparkling wit and show-stopping dancing, the ballet Don Quixote features a colorful cast of characters, some of whom have much more prominent roles in the ballet than Cervantes’ novel. Here’s a who’s who of the featured characters.

Don Quixote

Jim Sohm and Pascal Molat in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

A dream-chasing, would-be knight who ventures out on the ultimate quest for love. Short on sleep and rich in grandiose ideas, he and his sidekick, Sancho Panza, travel near and far to defend virtue and punish all those who transgress the code of chivalry. The man knows how to make an entrance.

Favorite Things: Getting lost in a novel, saving the day, people who appreciate his visions

Least Favorite Thing: Windmills that look like giants



Wona Park in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

The playful and fun-loving innkeepers daughter is always at the center of attention. Whether it is her fancy footwork and fan tricks, or her stunning beauty, all the men in town clamor for her attention. Will she marry her longtime love Basilio, choose a life of luxury with the wealthy nobleman Gamache, or abandon them all for the chivalrous Don Quixote?

Favorite Things: Basilio, fans, block parties

Least Favorite Thing: Being told what to do


Mathilde Froustey and Jim Sohm in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

Don Quixote’s ideal woman, whose appearance in his dreams spurs his quest for love and helps him change his mind about helping the young lovers Kitri and Basilio.

Favorite Thing: Dancing in the moonlight with her

Least Favorite Thing: Nightmares



San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

Kitris heart may be uncertain, but her father, Lorenzos is not. He would have his daughter marry Gamache and be treated like a princess. (It wouldnt hurt his pockets much either!) His heart is in the right place, but will he see the error of his ways?

Favorite Things: His daughter, wealthy suitors

Least Favorite Thing: Meddlesome barbers



Wei Wang in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

The town barber, he’s rich with charm, but not with money. Basilio captures Kitri’s heart with his dashing ways and witty personality. Though not her father’s first pick, Basilio’s love for beautiful Kitri is deep and true. He’s not bad on the Spanish guitar, either.

Favorite Thing: Playing the guitar

Least Favorite Thing: Arranged marriages



Myles Thatcher in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

A rich and pompous nobleman with a penchant for purple velvet and big hair, and an eye for Kitri. Using his money to impress Kitris father, hes won himself a marriage, but will he also be able to dissuade Kitri of her love for Basilio and win it for himself?

Favorite Things: Purple velvet and big hair

Least Favorite Thing: Not getting his way


Sancho Panza

Pascal Molat in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

Don Quixotes would-be squire and consummate companion who is always getting himself into trouble. When he isnt riding alongside Don Quixote on his faithful donkey, Johnny Appleseed, he is stealing hams, drinking wine, and being chased by angry townsfolk. Clearly this roly-roly sidekick isnt aware of the townspeoples “punishment by giant trampoline”!

Favorite Thing: Iberian ham

Least Favorite Thing: Camping


Mercedes & Espada

Jennifer Stahl and Daniel Deivison-Oliveira in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

The legendary bullfighter Espada and his sultry partner Mercedes fire up the townspeople with an entourage of toreadors and dagger-wielding dances. Their cape whirling and fiery chemistry often make this dancing duo the talk of the town.

Favorite Thing: Dance with a splash of danger

Least Favorite Thing: When the party ends



Norika Matsuyama in Tomasson/Possokhovs Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson

The fairy of love, who only appears in their dreams. This spunky and energetic goddess flitters around the ether tethering together the heartstrings of young lovers. She is a little matchmaker with a big heart.

Favorite Thing: Watching two people fall in love

Least Favorite Thing: Lovers divided

This production was part of the 2022 Season.

Header image: Dores André and Norika Matsuyama in Tomasson/Possokhov’s Don Quixote // © Erik Tomasson