What’s in My Bag? Woodwinds and Brass

What’s in My Bag? Woodwinds and Brass

Discover What SF Ballet Artists Carry In Their Work Bags

Ahh, the oboe. It’s a delicate instrument with a reedy tone, responsible for the heartbreakingly sensitive solo in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. On any given performance day, the oboe is presented from its case, played, and zipped back up until next time. Right?

In “What’s in My Bag?”, SF Ballet launches a mini-series of videos that delve into the surprising contents of musicians’ and dancers’ bags. This week, we begin with the woodwind and brass sections, and feature SF Ballet Orchestra’s principal oboe Laura Griffiths, oboe and English hornist Marilyn Coyne, clarinetist Matthew Boyles, flutist Stephanie McNab, and French horn player William Klingelhoffer.

Tune in to see knives, cigarette papers, valve oil, and a clarinetist’s favorite diversion. Take a peek at what goes on behind closed cases!


Header Image: A thumbnail from the “What’s in My Bag?” video.