Finding Joy

Finding Joy

Adult Ballet Students Find Joy in Weekly Classes

One of its most popular class series, San Francisco Ballet School offers virtual adult drop-in ballet classes for all levels. We caught up with three participants to find out how classes fit into their lives and how they set up their home ballet “studio.”


Danny Scheie

Danny Scheie has been taking adult ballet classes for six months.

Photo courtesy of Danny Scheie

How do you set up your home “studio”?

I roll up my living room rug, perch my laptop on some pillows, and airplay it onto my TV on a china cabinet which is now my barre. There might be coffee at the barre.

Who is your favorite instructor, and why?
I honestly love them all. I take four classes with Cecelia a week, so she seems like my boss, and I feel like I am a disciple of her style now. She has an awesome dog. I always wake up looking forward to Alyssa’s class. She is so sweet and fun and compassionate, even when the combinations are demanding. Anne-Sophie’s classes are super challenging for me which I love; she watches us, making the challenge even stronger. And I love when she speaks French. And I also love her cat.

How do you select which class(es) you take? How many classes per week do you take?
I take six classes a week. The class for seniors I take with my husband; we absolutely LOVE the dramaturgy segment every month. These classes are my favorite part of life right now.


Ally English

Photo courtesy of Ally English

Ally English has been taking adult classes for one year.

What is your before and after class routine?
I always take the morning classes, so I eat a light breakfast, stretch, put on my ballet shoes and a comfortable workout outfit, and set up my home “studio.” I find preparing as if I were going to the “real” studio helps me feel more present in class! I often have work meetings before and after class, but I try to give myself a grace period to have time for a short walk outside. I LOVE starting my day with ballet.

What is your favorite position or step?
Battement and rond de jambe.

Why do you take ballet class?
I started ballet one year ago to help with my Salsa dancing technique. Coming from Latin dancing, I thought I wouldn’t like ballet, and I was definitely wrong! I fell in love with the movements, music, precision, and challenge, as well as the professional, encouraging, and humorous attitude of the teachers. I often took drop-in classes in addition to the first series I signed up for. I especially love the community feel of SF Ballet School’s classes, and that they have maintained this community throughout the pandemic. The technique has improved my salsa dancing a LOT. I don’t think I could have progressed as far as I have in salsa without ballet. I tried many other ballet classes, and I feel the most connected and learn the most from SFBS.


Photo courtesy of Yoshiko Matsumoto

Yoshiko Matsumoto

Yoshiko Matsumoto has been taking adult ballet classes for six months.

Why do you take ballet class?
For the health of mind and body. Each class brings me new discoveries, and although nothing is easy, I feel unreasonably happy after class.

How do you set up your home “studio”?
I use a space in my bedroom. A barre turned out to be a great investment.

Who is your favorite instructor, and why?
Everyone has been great. I am always thankful for Anne-Sophie’s patient corrections, clarity in explanation, and cheerful class. I’ve been learning a lot from Cecelia’s kind and precise instructions, too. I almost forget that I have never seen them in person.

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Header Image: Adult Ballet Class // © Chris Hardy