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Story Ballet Trio Package

Three story ballets on prime weekend dates

Lose yourself in the romance and drama of these three iconic story ballets. This special trio package with prime weekend performances takes you on an epic journey—from Don Quixote’s big-hearted wit through The Sleeping Beauty’s fairy-tale magic to The Little Mermaid’s emotional storytelling. You’ll also see a full range of ballet styles—from the superlative leaps and turns of Don Quixote to the crystalline classicism of The Sleeping Beauty to the contemporary choreography of The Little Mermaid.

This special trio package is also a rare opportunity to get great seats for our most popular weekend performance times! You’ll be at the front of the line for seats usually already filled by our subscribers. And you’ll get the same great seats for all three performances. The Story Ballet Trio is the only way to guarantee that you’ll see all three of these spectacular story ballets, as these popular performances dates are sold only as a package.

Three Saturday Evenings
Don Quixote:  Sat, Feb 2, 8 pm
The Sleeping Beauty: Sat, Mar 16, 8 pm
The Little Mermaid: Sat, Apr 27, 8 pm

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Three Weekend Matinees
Don Quixote: Sun, Feb 3, 2 pm
The Sleeping Beauty: Sun, Mar 17, 2 pm
The Little Mermaid: Sat, Apr 27, 2 pm

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