How do I watch the productions? Can I watch them on my TV?

Once you make a purchase from our website, you will be guided to set up an account with Vimeo. If you purchased a single stream, your account will already be populated with the production you bought. If you purchased a package, your account will auto-populate with productions and behind the scenes VIP content as soon as they launch.

You can do this on a computer via vimeo.com, or a Smart TV or handheld device. If you want to watch on your TV or handheld device, download the Vimeo app.

Click here to view our Digitial Viewing Tips.

How long do I get to view the productions?

If you purchased a single stream, you have 24 hours from the time you hit ‘play’ on a production. If you purchased a package, you have the full length of the run to view the production as many times as you like! Check run dates for all seven programs here.

What is included in the VIP Bonus Content?

VIP Bonus Content includes Meet the Artist interviews with the creative team or artists from productions, access to our To the Pointe podcast, and behind the scenes video clips about the making of some of our works. This content is exclusive to our package holders- don't miss out!

I don’t think I want to buy a package for all seven programs. Can I just buy a subscription to two or three programs instead?

We have 2 different purchase options for our digital season. You can buy a package and save on all seven productions, receive exclusive bonus content, discounts, extended access to productions, and more! Or you can purchase access to a single production for 24 hours. If you are interested in multiple programs but not all seven, you will need to purchase single access to each production.

If I purchase the Premium Plus Digital Package and later have trouble streaming or am unhappy with the quality, what are my options?

We understand that our digital season is a new offering for our patrons so have a Technical Help page on our website to help troubleshoot any issues. We are grateful for your support during this digital transition and think you will be very pleased with the quality of the programs we are offering. If while viewing the first one you aren’t, let us know immediately by contacting Ticket & Patron Services.

Why can’t you offer free digital programming?

We were proud to offer free digital programming through our SF Ballet @ Home platform over the summer of 2020. As an institution, it has been our priority to keep our staff and dancers employed for as long as possible since the beginning of this pandemic. By charging for this digital season, we are able to keep staff and dancers employed and create new work specifically to be viewed on a screen.

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