Endowed Funds

The next best thing to your name in lights.

All donors who make gifts totaling $25,000 or more to the San Francisco Ballet Endowment Foundation receive the opportunity to create named funds. These funds provide on-going support to SF Ballet and serve as a lasting legacy of each donor's generosity. 

We are honored to recognize named funds created since the Endowment Foundation was established.

Michael C. Abramson Fund
Lois and David Anderson Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Baird Fund*
Rosemary and Edward D. Baker III Foundation Fund
Richard C. Barker Fund
William Bason Fund*
Ernest A. Bates New Works Fund
Nancy and Joachim Bechtle Fund
Philip P. Berelson Scholarship Fund*
The Bertelsen Family Fund
Davidson Bidwell and Edwin A. Waite Fund Touring Fund
Wendy and W. Richard Bingham Fund
Blum Family Foundation Fund
Christopher Boatwright Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Deborah and Richard A. Bocci Fund
Ron and Susan Briggs Fund
Eva Benson Buck Charitable Trusts Fund
Edith Bundy Fund*
Burnett Family New Works Fund
S. E. Bush, Jr. Fund*
Peter Byram Fund*
Jennifer Caldwell and John H. N. Fisher Fund
Lewis and Emily Callaghan Fund*
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Callander Dancer Wellness Fund
Christina E. Carroll Fund
Margaret Carver Fund
Dan and Stacey Case Fund
Dan and Stacey Case New Works Fund
Dr. and Mrs. George Cassady Student Scholarship Fund
Harold and Ruby Christensen Scholarship Fund
Robert Clegg New Works Fund
Angelina and Christopher Cohan Fund
Columbia Foundation Music Fund
Columbia Foundation New Works Fund
Ruth A. Copley Endowed Scholarship Fund*
David and Vicki Cox Fund
Mary B. Cranston New Works Fund
Lee R. Crews School Fund*
Barbara A. Daily Scholarship Fund*
Barbara A. Daily Fund*
Timothy Dattels and Kristine Johnson Fund
Susan and John Diekman Fund
Earl Diskin Fund*
Suzy Kellems Dominik New Works Fund
Suzy Kellems Dominik School and Education Fund
Phyllis and Bill Draper Fund
Rudolph W. Driscoll Fund
Kate and Bill Duhamel Fund
Joseph B. Durra Fund
Jacqueline and Christian P. Erdman Fund
Sarah C. Evans Fund*
Sonia H. Evers Fund
Sonia H. Evers New Works Fund
Sonia H. Evers School Fund
Concepcion S. and Irwin Federman Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Felson Fund
The Fifth Age of Man Foundation Scholarship Fund
Jason M. Fish and Courtney Benoist Fund
Ann and Robert Fisher Fund
Doris and Donald Fisher Fund
Elizabeth and Robert Fisher Fund
Kirby Ward Fitzpatrick Fund*
Frannie and Mort Fleishhacker Touring Fund
Thomas W. Flynn Music Fund
Ford Foundation New Works Fund
Diana Stark and J. Stuart Francis Fund
Diana Stark and J. Stuart Francis New Works Fund
Gaia Fund
Frances and Theodore Geballe Fund
Tricia and Richard Gibbs Philanthropic Fund
Stephen and Margaret Gill New Works Fund
Stephen and Margaret Gill Family Foundation Touring Fund
Teri and Andy Goodman Touring Fund
Margaret Stuart Graupner Fund*
Eugene H. and Stephanie Gray Fund*
James Gries Fund
Richard B. Gump Fund*
Rita A. Gustafson Scholarship Fund*
Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. New Works Fund
Mimi Haas Fund
Mimi Haas New Works Fund
Mimi & Peter Haas Fund
Mimi & Peter Haas New Works Fund
Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Walter & Elise Haas Education Fund
Walter & Elise Haas New Works Fund
Kathryn A. Hall and Thomas C. Knutsen Fund
Sally and William Hambrecht Fund
Sally and William Hambrecht New Works Fund
Philip and Alicia Hammarskjold Fund
Edith Hammerslough Fund*
Katharine Hanrahan Fund*
The Lloyd Harper Patron Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Hays Fund
The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Building Fund
The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship Fund
Libby and Craig Heimark Fund
Eric Hellman Scholarship Fund
The Hellman Family Fund*
The Hellman Family New Works Fund
The Hellman Family Touring Fund
Chris and Warren Hellman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Rosalie G. Hellman Fund
Rosalie G. Hellman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Louis E. Hendricks Fund*
Cecilia and James Herbert Fund
Cecilia and James Herbert New Works Fund
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation New Works Fund
Richard S. Hirsch Fund*
Hank J. Holland Fund
Brian and Rene Hollins Fund
Mr. James C. Hormel and Mr. Michael P. Nguyen Fund
Thomas E. Horn Fund
Donald F. Houghton Fund*
Donald F. Houghton Touring Fund*
Donald F. Houghton Innovation Fund*
Donald F. Houghton New Works Fund*
William S. Howe, Jr. Fund*
Dr. Samuel C. Hughes Fund*
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts Introduction to Ballet Scholarship Fund*
Dora Donner Ide Fund*
Joan J. Jacobs Fund*
The James Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
George B. James New Works Fund
Dorothy and Bradford Jeffries Scholarship Fund
G. William Jewell Dance in Schools Endowed Scholarship Fund*
G. William Jewell Fund*
G. William Jewell Touring Fund*
Lucy and Fritz Jewett Fund
Lucy and Fritz Jewett New Works Fund
Chris and Cheryl Johns Fund
Grace Eleanor Johnson Fund*
Mildred Maureen Johnson Fund*
Ruby Rae Pinochi-Johnson Fund*
Pamela J. Joyner and Alfred J. Giuffrida Dancer Wellness Fund
Pamela J. Joyner and Alfred J. Giuffrida Touring Fund
Katzman Family Fund
Heinrich J. Killian Fund*
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Ormond Kirschbaum Trainee Fellowship Fund
The Diana Dollar Knowles Fund*
Mr. and Mrs. Gorham B. Knowles Fund*
Mary Jo and Dick Kovacevich Family Foundation Fund
The Charles Henry Leach, II Fund for DISC Scholarships
The Charles Henry Leach, II Fund for School Scholarships
Richard LeBlond Fund*
Catherine P. Lego New Works Fund
Paul G. Lego New Works Fund
Mark and Debra Leslie Education and Outreach Fund
Susan B. Levine and James W. Lauer Fund
The Debra Leylegian Adagio Fund
Irv H. Lichtenwald and Stephen R. Ripple New Works Fund
Marie O'Gara Lipman Endowment for Dance Education in the Public Schools
George W. Lord Fund*
Carol Lovell Fund, in memory of Kenneth Hynes*
James J. Ludwig Fund
Daniel E. Malkin Fund*
The Marver Family Fund
The Marver Family New Works Fund
Alison and Michael Mauzé Fund
Russell J. Mays Fund*
Glenn McCoy Touring Fund
Alexander Mehran Fund
Julia O. Merriman Fund*
Byron R. Meyer Choreographers Fund
Vinie and J. Sanford Miller Touring Fund
Natalie Lauterstein Miller Memorial Fund
James E. Milligan Fund
Tamra and Kurt Mobley Fund
C. Kenneth and Maureen M. More Fund*
Milton J. Mosk and Thomas Foutch Fund
Berit and Robert A. Muh New Works Fund
Elizabeth H. and Bradford G. Murphey Fund*
National Endowment for the Arts New Works Fund
Phyllis W. Nelson Fund
Phyllis W. Nelson Scholarship Fund*
Phyllis W. Nelson Touring Fund*
Melvin Novikoff Trust Fund*
The Bernard Osher Foundation Touring Fund
Osher New Work Fund
John Osterweis and Barbara Ravizza Fund
John Osterweis Fund
Barbara Ravizza and John Osterweis New Works Fund
Shirley Black Palmer Scholarship Fund
Yurie and Carl Pascarella Fund
Greta R. Pofcher Fund
Marie-Louise and David L. Pratt Fund
Melinda and Paul Pressler Fund
Virginia and Walter Price Fund
Jessica M. Putney Fund*
Janet L. Pynch Fund*
Kenneth Rainin Fund
Kenneth Rainin New Works Fund*
George R. Roberts Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Claude N. Rosenberg, Jr. Fund
Bob Ross New Works Fund
Bob Ross Scholarship Fund
Bob Ross Foundation Touring Fund
Kate and George W. Rowe Fund
Kate and George W. Rowe New Works Fund
W. David Rozkuszka Fund*
Leontine Sassell Fund*
Marjorie K. Sawyer Fund*
Franca Schilt Fund*
Delores M. Schweizer Fund*
Kathleen Scutchfield Fund
Randee and Joseph Seiger Education and Outreach Fund
The Seiger Family Foundation Fund
O.J. and J. Gary Shansby Fund
Anne and Michelle Shonk Touring Fund
Dr. Lawrence Loy Shrader and Hisako B. Shrader Fund*
The Honorable and Mrs. George P. Shultz Fund
The Smelick Family New Works Fund
Gail and Robert M. Smelick Fund
Gail and Robert M. Smelick New Works Fund
Cherida Collins Smith Fund
K. Hart Smith Fund*
Michael Smuin Memorial Fund
Mr. Scott C. Sollers Fund
Donald G. Speakman Fund*
Jeanette Sperry Fund*
David Stanton and Shanna McBurney Fund
Natalie H. Stotz Fund*
Maureen and Craig Sullivan Family Fund
The Swanson Foundation Fund
Joyce Taylor Education Fund
Gretchen and L. Jay Tenenbaum Fund
TeRoller Fund for New Productions*
Richard J. Thalheimer Fund
Richard J. Thalheimer New Works Fund
Olivia Thebus Fund*
Carmen S. Thornton Fund*
Helgi Tomasson Innovation Fund
Helgi Tomasson School Fund for New Work
Charlotte and Harry A. Turner DISC Family Fund
John and Anna Logan Upton Fund
Marion Ury Fund*
Susan A. Van Wagner Fund
Mrs. S. W. Veitch Fund
Helen Von Ammon New Works Fund
Harry J. Wagner Fund*
The Lonna Wais Endowment Fund
Gene Walker Fund*
Elizabeth F. Wallace Fund*
The Walske Foundation Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Wattis III Fund
Phyllis C. Wattis Fund*
Karen and David Wegmann New Works Fund
Keith White Scholarship Fund
Diane B. Wilsey Fund
Diane B. Wilsey Tutu Fund
Timothy C. Wu Fund
Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang New Works Fund
Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang Touring Fund
Kam Har Yung Fund
Janice and Jonathan Zakin Fund
CiCi and Stephen Zellerbach Fund
William Zoller Fund*
Anonymous (10)

Funds noted with an asterisk (*) were fully or primarily funded through bequests or other planned gifts.

Last updated: 10.23.2018