Chairman's Council

The Chairman's Council brings together a like-minded community of business leaders and philanthropists who share the goal of bringing world-class ballet to a world-class city. As a major donor to SF Ballet you can expect to be recognized with an array of exclusive opportunities designed to elevate your understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of every performance. 

You’ll experience the creative process as choreographers work with dancers in rehearsal. You’ll witness a designer's vision come brilliantly to life as sets and costumes are built. And, you’ll go backstage at the Opera House for an insider’s look at the whirlwind of activity taking place just beyond the audience's sight. 


Chairman's Council membership begins with a gift to the annual fund of $15,000.

Members receive all of the benefits available to Christensen Society members, plus the opportunity to:

  • Watch the dancers prepare for their day during the daily Company class
  • Request a backstage tour to see the Opera House stage from a dancer's perspective
  • Enjoy an unprecedented level of highly personalized service from our staff, who are dedicated to making the most of your SF Ballet experience

Donors making gifts of $20,000 and above receive additional benefits tailored to their individual interests, including a single evening performance sponsorship.

Gifts of $25,000 and above afford donors the opportunity to sponsor a production.

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For more information please feel free to contact directly.

Fermin Nasol
Senior Manager, Capital and Principal Gifts
415 865 6622

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