International Students

San Francisco Ballet School is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. SF Ballet School welcomes international students each year to attend our summer and school year programs. There are extra considerations for international students when enrolling in SF Ballet School. Below are a few items for students to discuss with their parents prior to enrolling.


San Francisco Ballet School invites any student, age 15-18, who lives outside of the United States, to audition by online video submission. Please see the Online Video Audition tab for more details. Students will primarily be considered for Program 2; however, select students may be invited to Program 1. Students who wish to be considered for the School Year Program (September–May) must be accepted to and attend one of the Summer Session programs.

International Student Fee

All international students pay the $150 International Student Fee at the time of enrollment.

Travel Visas

San Francisco Ballet School is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. International students who are invited to enroll in the school year program, will be required to obtain an M-1 student visa in order to attend. The Ballet School's Assistant Administrative Director will provide the student with the I-20 form and guidance on how to apply for the visa. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the M-1 visa. If the student arrives at the beginning of the school year without the proper M-1 Visa, they will be sent home immediately. If the student returns for the school year program, they must apply for a new M-1 Visa.

Visa Questionnaire

Health Insurance

Health insurance in the United States is very different from most other countries. Before arriving, international students must purchase health insurance for the duration of their stay.  In many cases, insurance companies will require pre-approval before seeing a doctor for non-emergencies and may require the student to pay costs up front and then submit the receipts for reimbursement. Some doctors will not accept insurance from companies outside the United States. There are many companies that provide international student health insurance or short-term study abroad insurance.

English Language

Students are highly encouraged to learn some English before their arrival. School forms and paperwork will not be provided in other languages and translators will not necessarily be available on a regular basis. Multi-lingual students are often called upon to help with translation when they are available.


Students must make all of their own travel arrangements. The Ballet School will not provide transportation between the airport and the student housing. Students should be comfortable travelling independently, otherwise we recommend that a parent travels with the student to and from San Francisco. Prior to purchasing a ticket, contact the airline to confirm their rules regarding minors flying independently.