Summer Sessions FAQ

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When are applicants notified?

All students who attend the National Audition Tour auditions will be notified of audition results by email within two weeks of their audition. Applicants who register in advance online will receive priority notification. Online video applicants will be notified of audition results by the end of February.

Students who are accepted will be asked to respond within two weeks of the date they receive their acceptance letter. When registering, families will be asked to pay the registration fee and tuition and housing deposits to hold their student’s spot in the program. Those who do not respond by their deadline will be put on a waitlist. 

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Can I audition by DVD or YouTube?

Students who meet the age requirements for admission may audition through the online video application website, SlideRoom. Please visit, our Online Video Audition page. Video submissions will be accepted until February 2, 2019.

SF Ballet School does not accept and will not view any auditions by DVD, VHS, YouTube, or any other online video sharing website.

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What are the age requirements for participation in the Summer Session?

Students ages 12–18 may audition for the summer session. Students will be placed in either Program 1 or Program 2 based on their level of technical achievement. In general, Program 1 includes students ages 12–16 and Program 2 includes students ages 15–18. 

Housing Age Requirements:
Students must be at least 14 years old by June 17, 2019 to be considered for housing in Program 1. Students must be at least 15 years old by July 8, 2019 to be considered for housing in Program 2.

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SF Ballet SchooL summer dateS overlap with another program…Can I come to only part of Summer Session?

No. Enrolled students must attend the entire program, from start to finish. Students may not arrive late, leave early, or miss classes during the program. The summer session is an intensive program and requires full participation.

SFBS recognizes that some academic schools may conflict with the first week of Program 1. Please check your school calendar in advance. Academic commitments will not be accommodated during the summer session.

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What should I do if I am interested in the year-round program?

Admission to the school year program is by invitation only. Students attending Program 1 will have the opportunity to fill out an interest form during the first week of the program and will be assessed by the School’s Director over the course of the program. Students will then be notified via email within two weeks of the conclusion of the program. Students ages 15-18 should attend one of our School Year Program auditions, which you can learn more about here. Invitations are at the sole discretion of San Francisco Ballet School.

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What is there to do in my free time during Summer Session?

All students have classes on Saturdays. On Saturday afternoons, students may explore the city in small groups. On Sundays, students can elect to attend chaperoned trips to the Bay Area's most famous and fun tourist and recreation destinations including Fisherman’s Wharf, a SF Giants baseball game, and Golden Gate Park. Chaperones also arrange smaller outings to other unique San Francisco attractions.

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How do I decide which program is best for me?

Based on your audition, SF Ballet School Director Patrick Armand will decide your placement in Program 1 or 2. Program 1 is for intermediate students (equivalent­ to SF Ballet School year-round Levels 4, 5, and 6) and Program 2 is for advanced/pre-professional students (equivalent­ to SF Ballet School year-round Levels 7 and 8).

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Why can’t 12-and 13-year-old students audition at cities other than San Francisco?

We do not offer auditions for 12-and 13-year-old-students in other cities because we do not have summer housing available for this age group. Most students in this age group live locally and will commute. Students from outside the Bay Area are welcome to audition if they have a parent/guardian to reside with during the summer program. These students may audition in San Francisco or by video only.

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Is there a disadvantage to auditioning by video?

Although it is preferable to see a student in person, there is no disadvantage to auditioning by video. Videos afford a student undivided attention from the Director and can assist in a student being considered no matter where they live.

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