To be the very best, you must train with the very best.

“One measure of an international ballet company's muster lies in how many of its dancers were trained at the troupe's own academy, and by this accounting, San Francisco Ballet is looking better and better.”

San Francisco Chronicle
School Pianists

Jamie Narushchen, School Pianist SupervisorLee R. Crews Endowed Pianist
Ella Belilovskaya
Ritsuko Micky Kubo
Daniel Sullivan
Galina Umanskaya
Billy Wolfe

Wellness Staff

Leslie Donohue, Chris Fitzsimons, School Physical Therapists
Lisa Giannone, Conditioning Class Consultant

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Richard Gibbs for his ongoing generous support of San Francisco Ballet School wellness initiatives. 

The Centers for Sports and Dance Medicine at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital are the official health care providers for San Francisco Ballet School.  Special thanks to Dr. Victor Prieto, Dr. Susan Lewis, Dr. Jane Denton, Dr. Selina Shah, Dr. Rémy Ardizzone, Chris Corpus, and the Physical Therapy Department for generously providing their services.

A special thank you to Lisa Giannone for providing our faculty with training in the Giannone Training Method™ as a conditioning tool for our advanced students.