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2014 Season Podcasts

January 29, 2014

Host: Mary Wood
Guest: Anita Paciotti

In her role as Ballet Master, Anita Paciotti spoke about Alexei Ratmansky's Shostakovich Triology to receive its west-coast premiere on Program 5, emphasizing the wide variety to be found in the music. In the discussion about the ballet Giselle, Anita drew on her experience in interpreting character roles to describe “Berthe”, mother of Giselle, a role which she created in Helgi Tomasson’s 1999 production. She emphasized the challenge to the contemporary dancer of embodying the Romantic style.

Running time: 42 Minutes

February 19, 2014

Host: Mary Wood
Guest: Val Caniparoli

Choreographer Val Caniparoli spoke eloquently about his development as a choreographer, from his early years as a student and young dancer to his work in myriad companies around the world. He offered heartfelt advice to emerging choreographers, urging them to fill their time with learning experiences. Assembling his team for the production of the world premiere of Tears provided an opportunity for him to elaborate on his collaborative style with both his dancers and his designers.

Running time: 46 Minutes
Martin WestPhoto by David Allen

March 12, 2014

Host: Mary Wood
Guest: Martin West, Michael McGraw

The melodic, atmospheric Prokofiev score that drives Cinderella is the subject of this discussion, led by SF Ballet Music Director and Principal Conductor Martin West, accompanied by Company Pianist Michael McGraw and hosted by dance educator Mary Wood.

Running time: 45 minutes

April 2, 2014

Host: Mary Wood
Guest: Nancy Raffa

ABT Ballet Mistress and Répétiteur Nancy Raffa traces the process of creating this substantial work, citing her long association with choreographer Alexei Ratmansky. She describes how the life of composer Dmitri Shostakovich is portrayed in his music, and how Ratmansky has used these biographical themes as motivation for choreography that is abstract. She references each of the three pieces that comprise the Trilogy, highlighting their contrasting characteristics.

Running time: 44 minutes

April 9, 2014

Host: Dr. Stephanie Jordan

SF Ballet Visiting Scholar Dr. Stephanie Jordan presents “Meeting Beethoven: Mark Morris and Maelstrom.” What happens when you make a ballet out of Beethoven’s so-called “Ghost” Trio? In Maelstrom, Morris responds to a model of large musical form while adding his own suggestions of an unearthly narrative.

Running time: 47 minutes

April 30, 2014

Host: Carrie Gaiser Casey
Guests: Choreographers Val Caniparoli, Liam Scarlett, and Myles Thatcher

Choreographers Val Caniparoli, Liam Scarlett, and Myles Thatcher discuss their craft with dance scholar Carrie Gaiser Casey. Topics include their influences, challenges, and inspirations, and discussions of works such as Lambarena (Caniparoli), Hummingbird (Scarlett).

Running time: 47 minutes
Damian SmithPhoto by Chris Hardy

May 7, 2014

Host: Mary Wood
Guest: Damian Smith

Principal Dancer, Damian Smith, reminisces about his 18-year career with San Francisco Ballet. He speaks eloquently about his partnership with Yuan Yuan Tan; about preparing the wide variety of character roles he performed—elaborating about how he found the way to portray the villain Iago in Othello. He offers insights into the work of many of the renowned choreographers who have set works on him. He describes the future projects, many in the world of visual arts, in which he will be involved following his retirement at the end of the 2014 season.

Running time: 48 minutes

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