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SF Ballet’s Pointes of View (POV) Lecture Series features a variety of SF Ballet artists, designers, and scholars. Lectures are 45-minute educational in-depth discussions about that evening’s performance.

The information, views and opinions expressed in podcasts are strictly those of the participants and do not represent directly or imply any official position of San Francisco Ballet Association.

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2015 Season


January 28, 2015

Host: Mary Wood
Guests: Val Caniparoli, Betsy Erickson, Naomi Diouf

This season we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Val Caniparoli’s joyous audience favorite, Lambarena. Dance educator Mary Wood discusses the making of Lambarena with Caniparoli, Ballet Master Betsy Erickson, and African dance master Naomi Diouf.

Running time: 44 minutes