Meet the Artist Interviews

Our popular pre-performance Meet the Artist Interviews (MTAs) spotlight a work to be performed that afternoon/evening. These informative talks feature artists and choreographers in conversation with a moderator. Interviews are 30 minutes and take place on the Orchestra Level one hour prior to the performance. Open to all ticket holders.

Who is this for?
Open to all ticket holders.

Free - complimentary with your tickets to the show.

1:00 - 1:30 pm before Sunday matinees and 7:00 - 7:30 pm before Friday evening performances.

Orchestra Level
War Memorial Opera House

Upcoming Interviews

Robbins: Ballet & Broadway
March 23, 7 pm
Corps de Ballet member Ellen Rose Hummel
March 25, 1 pm (Meet the Orchestra)
Nijinsky: A Ballet by John Neumeier
April 6, 7 pm
April 8, 1 pm
Unbound A
April 20, 7 pm
April 22, 1 pm
May 6, 1 pm
Unbound B
April 21, 7 pm
April 29, 1 pm
May 4, 7 pm
Unbound C
April 24, immediately post-performance
April 27, 6:00 pm (Symposium Opening Event)
Unbound D
May 1, immediately post-performance


All programs are subject to change. The information, views, and opinions expressed at Meet the Artist Interviews are strictly those of the participants and do not necessarily represent or imply any official position of San Francisco Ballet. 

Past Interviews

January 26, 7 pm
Principal Dancer Sasha de Sola
January 28, 1 pm
Principal Dancers Ana Sophia Scheller and Angelo Greco
February 2, 7 pm
Principal Dancer Carlo Di Lanno
February 4, 1 pm
Principal Dancer Vitor Luiz
February 16, 7 pm
Soloist Steven Morse
February 18, 1 pm
Principal Dancer Sofiane Sylve
February 23, 7 pm
Corps de Ballet member Kimberly Marie Olivier
February 25, 1 pm
Corps de Ballet member Benjamin Freemantle
March 9, 7 pm
Principal Dancer Frances Chung
March 11, 1 pm
Corps de Ballet member Madison Keesler
Past Interviews

Select Meet the Artist Interviews are available in audio form on our podcast page.

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