Who's Who in Liam Scarlett's Frankenstein

Joseph Walsh as Victor Frankenstein in Scarlett's Frankenstein // © Erik Tomasson

Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein begins this story with his whole life in front of him. Bright-eyed, intelligent, on his way to a medical degree, and in love with his adopted sister Elizabeth (don’t worry, the family’s happy about that), his life is turned upside down when his mother, Caroline, dies while giving birth to his brother William. Medical school introduces him to new scientific discoveries, including the possibility of reanimating dead tissue with electrical currents, and so, powered by his grief over his mother’s death, he begins a treacherous experiment. The result: a living being, but not quite a man, rather, a Creature.

The Creature

Wei Wang as the Creature in Scarlett's Frankenstein // © Erik Tomasson

If Victor’s life is powered by love, then the Creature’s is powered by fear and grief. Made out of the reassembled body parts of dead men, he’s covered in hideous stitches. But, behind that horrifying exterior is a lonely mind and, in spite of a hot temper and an (understandable) lack of interpersonal skills, what he really wants is for Victor to make him a companion. When he doesn’t get what he wants? Well, you’ll have to come to the ballet to find out.

Elizabeth Lavenza

Lauren Strongin as Elizabeth Lavenza in Scarlett’s Frankenstein // © Erik Tomasson

Elizabeth Lavenza really doesn’t deserve what life throws at her. Adopted into the Frankenstein household as a young orphan, she grows into a beautiful and caring young woman and she and Victor fall in love. Unfortunately, Victor’s experiments drag everyone into their orbit and no one, including Elizabeth, emerges unscathed.

William Frankenstein

Vitor Luiz as the Creature and an SF Ballet School Student as William Frankenstein in Scarlett’s Frankenstein // © Erik Tomasson

In the Frankenstein household, even true innocence can’t protect you. A playful and sweet child, William is Victor’s younger brother and spends a lot of time with his nanny, Justine until a game of blindman’s bluff at his birthday celebration goes terribly, horribly wrong.

Justine Moritz

(l-r) Joseph Walsh as Victor, Frances Chung as Elizabeth, Sasha De Sola as Justine Moritz, and Esteban Hernandez as Henry Clerval in Scarlett’s Frankenstein // © Erik Tomasson

A big house like the Frankenstein’s requires help to run it, and Madame Moritz is just the housekeeper for the job. It’s too bad her daughter Justine isn’t as drawn to domestic life, often seeming envious of Elizabeth. Tasked with taking care of William, she finds herself framed and in deep trouble when disaster strikes.

Henry Clerval

Every hero needs a best friend and Henry Clerval is Victor’s from the moment they meet at university. Kind-hearted, upbeat, and a supportive, caring friend, Henry has no idea what price he’ll have to pay for this particular friendship.