There's a Place for Your Child in the SF Ballet Family

SF Ballet School’s Pre-Ballet Program offers a fun and unique introduction to classical ballet for boys and girls ages four to seven. The classes are beneficial in many ways, providing opportunities for self-expression, discipline, risk-taking, problem solving, and creativity. In addition, our students have the opportunity to learn classical ballet fundamentals while accompanied by live piano.

One parent noted, “The pure joy and enthusiasm for the School’s Pre-Ballet Program in our six-year-old, is evident on her face after every class. The program builds confidence, discipline and body-awareness and we’ve seen a big change in her sense of physical movement and control of her muscles. She loves to share what she’s learned each week.”

Ballet has also been proven to build stamina, balance, and help in training for other sports. The Hollenbeck family, who had two boys go through the Pre-Ballet Program, expressed how ballet helped one son in skateboarding classes: “his coach said that he wished he had studied ballet when he was a professional skater!”

SF Ballet School's Pre-Ballet Program. (© Erik Tomasson)

Classes are taught by Faculty Member Kristi DeCaminada who entered SF Ballet School as a Pre-Ballet student herself and completed the School’s entire course of study. She is loved by the students—she has created a fun, yet disciplined class that they all enjoy.

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