Your Ultimate Guide to Trey Mcintyre’s Your Flesh Shall Be A Great Poem

What am I seeing? Standing six feet six inches tall, choreographer Trey McIntyre has a rare perspective on the world—but one he may have shared with his tall grandfather. In his new work for SF Ballet, McIntyre imagines what it might be like to see through his grandfather’s eyes, choreographing a piece that creates a kind of portal into his grandfather’s life. Bookended by two solos, this dance merges quirky, playful gestures with moments of stillness and introspection.

What am I hearing? Tracks from singer-songwriter Chris Garneau’s album El Radio. This is the first time that McIntyre has worked with Garneau’s music, but he has created ballets to pop music in the past, including The Shins; Amy Winehouse; and Peter, Paul, and Mary.

What should I look for? Look for the piece’s episodic structure—what might these individual encounters represent?

San Francisco Ballet rehearsing McIntyre's Your Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem // © Erik Tomasson