One swan's journey from the studio to the stage


“The audience reaction is very inspiring, it’s very important. Everybody works so hard physically, mentally, from all different parts of the Ballet and the Opera House to get everything together. It’s very rewarding when you get there…and you hear the audience.”

- Ellen Rose Hummel, corps de ballet member

Putting together a story ballet like Swan Lake involves preparation from all corners of the SF Ballet universe. From choreographers and musicians to designers and stage crew, hundreds of hands (and feet) work hard to get large productions like Swan Lake on stage. For every second of beauty or serenity you see on stage, there is a flurry of activity behind the scenes creating that moment.

That moment of magic on stage makes all of the hard work worth it – and showcases the need for continuing the tradition of ballet classics. SF Ballet is unparalleled in its proud commitment of simultaneously honoring the ballets of the past, like Swan Lake, Don Quixote, and Coppélia, and commissioning new works, like Swimmer and next season’s Frankenstein, which may become classics in their own right.  

Help us present these classic works, inspiring audiences with that special experience of awe in these time-honored ballets. Make a special gift to SF Ballet by June 30, 2016, to continue our grand tradition for future audiences to enjoy.

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