Endowment Foundation

The San Francisco Ballet Endowment Foundation was established in 1980 as a separate nonprofit public benefit corporation for the purpose of holding and managing endowment funds for the benefit of the San Francisco Ballet Association. It seeks to provide the Ballet with a reliable source of support while protecting its investments against inflation and wide swings in the capital markets.

Each year, a transfer from the Endowment Foundation provides support for a variety of SF Ballet needs, including the creation of new works, touring, financial aid for SF Ballet School students, and community education and outreach programs. The annual operating transfer from the Endowment Foundation is an increasingly important source of funding for SF Ballet. In Fiscal Year 2014, the transfer provided approximately nine percent of SF Ballet's core operating budget. It is now the third largest source of revenue for SF Ballet after ticket sales and contributions.

The growth of the Endowment Foundation assets, and thus the growth of the annual transfer, result from three primary factors: strong investment returns, the receipt of bequests and planned gifts, and the overwhelming success of two endowment fund-raising campaigns. SF Ballet is grateful to the thousands of patrons who have supported its endowment.

For information on supporting the Endowment Foundation, please contact Senior Manager, Capital and Principal Gifts Fermin Nasol at 415.865.6622 or fnasol@sfballet.org.

View a list of endowed funds that have been created by donors contributing $25,000 or more (as of August 21, 2015).

View a copy of the Fiscal Year 2015 Endowment Foundation Overview

View the SF Ballet's consolidated financial statements of the Association and Endowment Foundation for Fiscal Year 2015.

San Francisco Ballet Endowment Foundation

Board of Directors

James D. Marver, President

John S. Osterweis, President Emeritus
Hank J. Holland, Vice President
Thomas E. Horn, Treasurer
Kim Ondreck Carim*, Chief Financial Officer
Laura Simpson*, Secretary
Elizabeth Lani*, Assistant Secretary

Richard C. Barker
Susan S. Briggs
J. Stuart Francis
Nancy Kukacka
Hilary C. Pierce
Larissa K. Roesch

Chris Hellman, Director Emeritus
George B. James II, Director Emeritus