San Francisco Ballet Association building.



Priced to move.

Please take a moment to review the chart to determine the best fit for your organization’s meeting or dance studio needs. To make our spaces more affordable, we’re happy to make available special rates for non-profit organizations.

Room Name


Room TYpe

(in feet)

Hourly Rate

Non-Profit Hourly Rate

Dollar 1st Floor Conference 30 x 35 $140 $70
Jewett 1st Floor Dance Studio 35 x 55 $140 $70
HC 2nd Floor Dance Studio 40 x 48 $140 $70
Y 2nd Floor Dance Studio 40 x 48 $140 $70
New 2nd Floor Dance Studio 40 x 48 $140 $70
Franklin 2nd Floor Dance Studio 28 x 48 $140 $70
Tenenbaum 4th Floor Dance Studio 40 x 48 $140 $70
Scutchfield 4th Floor Dance Studio 40 x 48 $140 $70
Buck 4th Floor Dance Studio 40 x 48 $140 $70
LC 4th Floor Dance Studio 55 x 90 $200 $100


Each studio includes A/V equipment, a piano, and folding tables/chairs as needed. A $50 Administrative Fee may be charged to cover scheduling and logistics. SF Ballet also reserves the right to impose a $100 Janitorial Fee. SF Ballet will determine whether additional staffing charges will be required based on the day, time, and size of your reservation. Please see our rates for additional staff below.

SF Ballet Staff/Attendant

Hourly Rates

During normal operating hours $50
During holidays and non-operating hours $75


SF Ballet can arrange a pianist for your audition at a rate of $55 per hour. This is payable directly (cash is preferred) to the pianist at the conclusion of the audition. Please note the start and finish time and whether you require a classical and/or contemporary pianist on the request form. Should your audition end prior to the scheduled time, pianists shall be paid according to time reflected in the Rental Agreement. Likewise, should the audition run over the scheduled time, the pianist shall be paid according to the $55/hour rate, at half-hour increments.