Fueling Up

Fueling Up

How SF Ballet Corps de Ballet member Joshua Jack Price Fuels Up for A Full Day of Dancing

Dancers need to fuel their bodies to match the demands of the day. That means our diets are constantly evolving with our workload. We have to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies because our bodies are our livelihood. However, there also needs to be room for fun and creativity in the kitchen. Sometimes I’ll try and replicate my favorite desserts healthy style—like this banana bread. But you can definitely find me at Johnny Doughnuts at least once a week. Maple Old Fashioned!

Banana Bread // Photo by Joshua Jack Price

Coffee is one of my favourite morning “routines.” It can wake me up after a big day, and give me that morning kick out of bed (sometimes I really need it). I just have to be careful I don’t overdo the coffee; some late rehearsals make it really easy to just reach for another cup but I must resist!

On days where I need more explosive type energy, I will start the morning with carbs like oatmeal and berries, as well as some healthy fats (usually a nut butter) and protein (hemp seeds or eggs). But if I want more controlled sustained energy (I’m looking at you, 10 am–10 pm days), I’ll go for a higher protein breakfast like an omelette or protein shake/bar and aim to eat more low carb foods for the rest of the day so my energy levels remain stable.

Oatmeal // Photo by Joshua Jack Price

I don’t like to exercise on a full stomach but understand the importance of having something to keep you from crashing every hour. Pre-class or rehearsal, I might eat a half an avocado on a piece of toast topped with some greens powder and different seeds.

Avacado on toast, with green powder // Photo by Joshua Jack Price

I’ll usually finish the day with another source of protein and a nice big salad or roasted veggies. I just recently bought an air fryer—it was a great investment! Brussels sprouts or asparagus go great in it!


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Header Image: Joshua Jack Price in company class // © Erik Tomasson