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Our Mission

SF Ballet’s DE&I mission is to provide individuals an opportunity to achieve their full potential; enhance and strengthen our art form; and solidify our reputation as a preeminent arts organization, embodying innovation, excellence, and inclusion. We strive to share our joy of dance, while fostering a welcoming environment—both internally and externally—that celebrates and embraces many forms of diversity.

Our Definition

At SF Ballet, this means reflecting the diverse communities we serve; creating space for a wide range of different voices to be heard; valuing and respecting both visible and invisible differences; being humble, transparent, and honest in our DE&I work; and owning responsibility for positioning ballet as an art form that is accessible to everyone. We define diversity as the appreciation and respect for the many intersections of differences in society including, but not limited to: race, gender, nationality/culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical abilities, age, and parental status.

Our Commitment

SF Ballet will continue celebrating and respecting the intersections of our differences—it’s what makes our dancers, students, staff, community, and audiences who they are. We know this work isn’t a finite goal, but a journey that we stand committed to—both as an organization and as individuals.