David Frazier, Musician Instructor-Ethnomusicologist

David Frazier, Musician Instructor-Ethnomusicologist
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David Frazier

Musician Instructor-Ethnomusicologist

David Frazier is one of the best-known percussionists in the United States. He has worked for San Francisco Ballet for over 25 years and is a noted expert in West African music and culture, as well as Cuban music and folklore. Frazier holds dual bachelor’s degrees in ethnomusicology and music. He records for both film and television and works with numerous artists and production facilities including Steven Spielberg (DreamWorks) and George Lucas (Lucasfilm). His recording credits include studio and producing ventures with artists Babyface, Bobby McFerrin, Sylvester, Carlos Aldama, and numerous other blues, jazz and R&B artists. He has produced two CDs with his mixed-genre performing group, Batimco, and is a featured artist on Daniel Maya’s album Echoes of Paradise. In addition to his integral role as mentor and instructor in the DISC program, Frazier has received several grants and fellowships from the California Arts Council and others as an artist-in-residence.

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